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Is it Illegal to Eavesdrop on Your Spouse in The US?

Everyone has a moment where they wonder what their spouse is up to. They, NY PI, feel that something is wrong or they have questions as to the legitimacy of a statement.

Before we answer the question as to whether or not it’s even legal to spy on a spouse, let’s take a moment to define the various methods of spying.

Keeping tabs on your partner’s private life may involve many different steps. Here are a few that could have potential legal issues depending on what you plan to do with the evidence and how your partner takes it.

Reading emails: It’s easy enough to eavesdrop on emails if you’re simply standing behind your partner when they’re reading their emails. However, if you actually log into their email account when they’re not at home or nearby, this may be construed as an unauthorized computer access. In the state of California and several other states, for example, this is a felony offense.

Recording a conversation: It’s one thing to record your spouse when the two of you are having a conversation via phone or some other means. However, it’s not legal if you’re not involved in the conversation and neither of the two parties is aware of the recording.

Hidden cameras: Obviously many people have security systems in their homes today. This is fine and a reasonable means in which you can see what is going on. However, if you suspect that your spouse is cheating on you and set up a hidden camera you may be in violation of privacy laws. If you record this as well as use the video footage, you’re also in violation of the previously mentioned recording.

GPS tracking: Today, more than ever before, there are many ways to utilize GPS tracking. From checking cell phones to attaching one to a car you can track where someone has gone fairly easily and have a treasure trove of valuable information that can prove an unfaithful spouse. This one is slightly trickier, many GPS units do this automatically and a court of law will admit this as evidence. As long as the person is on public roads, it may be allowed depending on the specific situation.

Clearly, no one wants to be the last one to know that their spouse is cheating. However, finding the right evidence to submit to a court of law may be tricky depending on which state you reside in. Many states have “no-fault” divorce laws so no one has to prove anything. If you suspect something and the answers aren’t forthcoming, you may simply file and be on your way to freedom. However, if you reside in a state whereby you must prove something, it’s best to consult with an attorney and/or a private investigator and find out what you can do to prove it. Don’t risk charges against yourself simply to prove a spouse is unfaithful. Often, the answer is right in front of you and so obvious that you won’t have to go far to find it through a legal means.

Growing Your Facebook Following With Automation

There are a ton of different ways to market products on the internet these days, everything from YouTube, Pinterest, and Linkedin, to Facebook, Instagram and Ezine Articles. However, there is a lot of work involved in getting enough friends and followers to get the exposure you need to make sales. Plus, in the case of Facebook, are your friends and family the right people for you to attempt to sell to? Probably not, since they’re most likely not in the niche that buys your products and they would want a discount as well. There are ways to market on Facebook and not sell to your friends and family, but it’s going to require some work, or maybe some automation software.

You’ll Need A Bunch Of Facebook Accounts To Get Started

OK, sure, you’ve heard of that guy that reviews skateboards and makes boat loads of money from just one account, but he got lucky, and his success isn’t duplicatable shortly. So the way you have to go about it is to get a software program that can generate different identities, automated profiles, and set the accounts up to look realistic.

The software will have to have proxies that it can manage that will mask the actual IP address so that you won’t get blocked and all of your accounts deleted. And you’ll need to be able to upload the same image to dozens of your profiles, groups, and fan pages on near autopilot while switching between the different proxies to avoid detection. Of course, Facebook will have roadblocks in place, like phone verification, so you’ll have to have a way past that as well.

Several software programs can handle the job, Facebook Friend Bomber is one, and you’ll have to check out it’s newest features as they are always changing. Make sure that any software you buy is one that is continually being updated or otherwise it will quit working soon after you start using it. Also, be sure and check the online forums to see whether other users of the software are happy with their purchase or if they’re frustrated with a lack of customer service and updates.

Pre-Employment Background Checks Explained

For people just starting out in the hiring world, understanding how candidates are picked and how they are verified can be confusing. This is also true if someone has only worked at a company with a large HR department that handled all of the arrangements. Thankfully, the entire process behind hiring someone hinges on a pre-employment background check and drug screening, a simple check that makes sure someone is right for the company and can be trusted.

The test makes sure that the truth is being listed on a resume, that there are no chances to hide a job that the person did poorly at, and that they are wholly honest. It ensures that the references to the person are contacted, giving an accurate picture of their abilities and the ways that they relate to others. This can be substantial when forming a team, but can also weed out candidates who have had problems with their performance on other jobs and have been banking on their references not being called.

Next, this check makes sure that they aren’t a criminal, that they pay their bills, and that they aren’t going to cause trouble for the company. This can be as broad or as narrow as needed, but it will often ensure that they do not say things publicly on social media that would embarrass the company. It also ensures that they aren’t going to quit after just a few weeks, re-starting the expensive hiring process once again.

After all of this information is compiled, a report is then delivered to the person doing the hiring, allowing them to make a decision on whether or not to offer the position. This then ensures that the best fit is found for the post, making teams work as seamlessly as possible.

Who is Shared Office Space For?

More and more people choose freelancing as a way of making a living. This type of career has the great advantage that it allows people to work from wherever they want, provided that they have a computer and a reliable internet connection. Nonetheless, freelancers may need to print or scan documents every once in a while, the may need an Coworking Space for a few hours or a meeting room to have a private discussion with their clients. Paying for all these on monthly basis only to use them a few times a year isn’t the best way to manage this type of business.

By using a shared office space, all these freelancers can benefit from modern technology, a receptionist and a meeting room, without needing to rent a dedicated office space for their business. They are the main beneficiaries of shared office space. They don’t mind sharing this space and all common amenities with other freelancers or small businesses, as this is a win-win situation for all parties involved. All co-workers get their work done in a modern, hi-tech office space, yet they pay only a fraction of the price of such technology and facilities.

Painters and other categories of visual artists can also use shared office spaces instead of renting their own private studio. All that a painter needs is good light and enough space for placing the tools. One room is usually more than enough. Why not share a larger space with other painters, each of them using a separate room, common costs being split among them?

Professional bloggers can also benefit from sharing a Coworking Space. While most of them are very comfortable working from home, some may not have enough space to set up a proper desk, so they have to work in coffee shops and tea houses. They can’t rent an office space, because the expenses would be too high for their income. However, by choosing to share this space with other bloggers, they may be able to afford it.

Very small businesses can useĀ Indiegrove Jersey City Coworking Space and can also benefit from using shared office space. They can keep their overhead expenses very low, as all such costs are going to be split between the number of users of the space. Many small business owners are aware of the fact that big companies shy away from hiring them for various projects, the reason for rejection being the size of the company. By inviting these clients in a modern space, with neat conference rooms and with state-of-the-art equipment, small businesses increase their chance to win big projects that might help them grow and be profitable.

As you can see, shared offices are an excellent alternative to renting a permanent office space. It is suitable for many categories of entrepreneurs and small businesses, from freelancers, painters and bloggers to small businesses with a handful of employees. This type of arrangement enables all these people to use modern office space and advanced technology without paying an arm and a leg for it.