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Employee Checks

Pre-Employment Background Checks Explained

For people just starting out in the hiring world, understanding how candidates are picked and how they are verified can be confusing. This is also true if someone has only worked at a company with a large HR department that handled all of the arrangements. Thankfully, the entire process behind hiring someone hinges on a pre-employment background check and drug screening, a simple check that makes sure someone is right for the company and can be trusted.

The test makes sure that the truth is being listed on a resume, that there are no chances to hide a job that the person did poorly at, and that they are wholly honest. It ensures that the references to the person are contacted, giving an accurate picture of their abilities and the ways that they relate to others. This can be substantial when forming a team, but can also weed out candidates who have had problems with their performance on other jobs and have been banking on their references not being called.

Next, this check makes sure that they aren’t a criminal, that they pay their bills, and that they aren’t going to cause trouble for the company. This can be as broad or as narrow as needed, but it will often ensure that they do not say things publicly on social media that would embarrass the company. It also ensures that they aren’t going to quit after just a few weeks, re-starting the expensive hiring process once again.

After all of this information is compiled, a report is then delivered to the person doing the hiring, allowing them to make a decision on whether or not to offer the position. This then ensures that the best fit is found for the post, making teams work as seamlessly as possible.