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Growing Your Facebook Following With Automation

There are a ton of different ways to market products on the internet these days, everything from YouTube, Pinterest, and Linkedin, to Facebook, Instagram and Ezine Articles. However, there is a lot of work involved in getting enough friends and followers to get the exposure you need to make sales. Plus, in the case of Facebook, are your friends and family the right people for you to attempt to sell to? Probably not, since they’re most likely not in the niche that buys your products and they would want a discount as well. There are ways to market on Facebook and not sell to your friends and family, but it’s going to require some work, or maybe some automation software.

You’ll Need A Bunch Of Facebook Accounts To Get Started

OK, sure, you’ve heard of that guy that reviews skateboards and makes boat loads of money from just one account, but he got lucky, and his success isn’t duplicatable shortly. So the way you have to go about it is to get a software program that can generate different identities, automated profiles, and set the accounts up to look realistic.

The software will have to have proxies that it can manage that will mask the actual IP address so that you won’t get blocked and all of your accounts deleted. And you’ll need to be able to upload the same image to dozens of your profiles, groups, and fan pages on near autopilot while switching between the different proxies to avoid detection. Of course, Facebook will have roadblocks in place, like phone verification, so you’ll have to have a way past that as well.

Several software programs can handle the job, Facebook Friend Bomber is one, and you’ll have to check out it’s newest features as they are always changing. Make sure that any software you buy is one that is continually being updated or otherwise it will quit working soon after you start using it. Also, be sure and check the online forums to see whether other users of the software are happy with their purchase or if they’re frustrated with a lack of customer service and updates.