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Follow Up and Broadcast Emails

The Difference Between Follow Up and Broadcast Emails

Email marketing is getting better by the day. The days of sending email blasts to an entire email list and hoping for the best outcome are waning by the day with the rise of new and innovative technologies. Email marketing is taking on a more precise form, where emailing a list segment is the order of the day. Additionally, the use of behavior triggers to send emails is increasingly becoming a common phenomenon.

Making this sort of email marketing possible are follow up emails and broadcast emails. To make proper use of these new email marketing techniques, you have to understand their difference and when each type of email should be used. Herein is a look at their differences between follow-up and broadcast emails.

Follow Up Emails

Follow up emails are emails that are sent at times and instances when you assign them. A magnificent example is a ‘Thank You’ email or ‘Welcome To The Email List’ email that is sent after one subscribes. This sort of email is created and sent right after a particular action is taken by the subscriber, which in the case above is subscribing to the email list. Additionally, these emails can be scheduled and sent at specific periods after one signs up to the page for doctors email lists.

A defining characteristic of follow up emails is that they are sent to individual email addresses.

Broadcast Emails

Unlike follow up email addresses, broadcast email addresses are sent to a broad section of the email list, be it the entire email list, or a particular segment of the email list. These emails are created and scheduled to be sent to a large group of email list subscribers, usually at a pre-determined time – right after the content is created or at a particular scheduled time.

The defining character of broadcast emails is the high number of people that the email is sent to at the time of emailing.