The Top 5 Car Models to Look at When Thinking About Leasing

You are thinking about leasing a car this year in 2017 contract hire. Not only is it important to know what top car models are for sale, but which ones are best for leasing. You want an affordable monthly payment for a dependable vehicle with a small down payment as well. Which cars fit that mold? These are five of the top models to consider when leasing a vehicle this year.

The first car is always a top selling model. Let’s go with the Toyota Camry. Cars are sure more expensive these days. However, leasing is becoming a more affordable option, considering the dynamic of purchasing a very expensive automobile. Camrys are priced affordably compared to other vehicles, and they are also known as dependable rides. Now let’s look at the second choice.

A good second choice would be the Honda Civic. The Honda Accord is also a good choice, so why don’t we just call that one number three?  However, the Honda Civic would still be ranked ahead of it, based on affordability and the overall picture. You can get a Honda Lease deal on either one of these vehicles. Which do you like better, the Honda Accord or the Honda Civic?

Do you think you can guess what the next two top lease deals are? At number four is the Dodge Challenger. And Dodge sneaks in there with the win. And then you have to look at number five. The 5th pick for vehicles to lease in 2017 is the Buick Encore.

Was that the list that you expected? Do any of those cars fit what you’re looking for currently? Personally, I would go with the Honda Accord. That’s just because it’s always been my favor vehicle. But Honda does have two cars on this top five list for leasing in 2017, and you could also add the Acura to boot.